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As of July 1st you can now start purchasing your Wyoming preference points. You have until November 1st but, get it done now, so you don’t forget later! Any points you purchase this year will go towards your future draw applications and improve your odds of drawing your desired tag. Purchasing points for elk, deer, and antelope will help set you up for a great future hunt. Remember, Wyoming does not offer the option to automatically receive a point if you are unsuccessful in drawing a tag during the application period. So that means, if you didn’t get your tag this year, you will still need to purchase a point.

Purchasing points is easy and can be done on the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) website. To get started purchasing your points, CLICK HERE, to be redirected to the WGFD website and get it done before November 1st! If you don’t have a WGFD account you will need to create an account, otherwise, just login and follow the steps. Preference points are species specific and you don’t need to apply for an individual unit. You may purchase one point for each species per year.

You may be asking “why should I purchase preference points”? This is a great question! A vital key to hunting in Wyoming is preference points. Wyoming license draws are allocated at 75% for those with preference points and 25% for all applicants in a random draw. As a nonresident hunter, having points will increase your odds of drawing a license. Many of the areas where we hunt require points to draw. While there are a few select areas that can be drawn without points, having points will greatly increase your chance and also provide you with more options for where you can apply when you are ready to book a hunt. The cost of preference points are relatively inexpensive, so why not get points if it increases your odds of drawing a tag?

Nonresident Preference Point Fees Nonresident Youth Preference Point Fees

Species Price Price

Antelope $31 $10

Deer $41 $10

Elk $52 $10

Tags aren’t going to get easier to draw so if you haven’t started building up your preference points, now is a good time to get started. When you’re finally ready to start planning your hunting trip, you’ll be glad you started collecting points. Don't forget the period to purchase points is open from July 1st-November 1st, 2021. If you have questions or need help getting your preference points you can give us a call at 307-921-1505 or 307-699-4963 or send us a message.

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