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Holiday Gift Guide from O’Brien Creek Outfitters

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

As we wrap up our fall season we are starting to look forward to winter and planning for our favorite season of all, lion hunting! We are getting the gear in check, planning those early morning departures, prepping the dogs, and waiting for that snow to fly. While we are thinking hunting logistics and planning to take someone on their dream hunt, we know that this time of year is also special in another way. It’s a time to slow down and spend time with our families, enjoying the holidays.

Finding the perfect gift for the hunter in your life might be a challenge but it doesn’t have to be. Regardless of whether the hunter in your life is just beginning or has been hunting for years we have many suggestions. Stress no more, here are some of our favorite items and hunting must haves! These are items that we have tested and used so you don’t have to.

Binoculars: While we highly recommend Swarovski binoculars/range finder we also know that not everyone can make this kind of investment. Another great binocular brand is Maven, either the B or C series. These binoculars are affordable, dependable, and powerful. Maven is a local business here in Wyoming with great customer support. Look them up online and look at what they have to offer.

Black Diamond Headlamp: We all know how important it is to see, don’t let the dark stop you! As hunters we may spend many hours navigating our way through the dark. For us sometimes it’s loading up dogs in the early morning to head out for a lion hunt or after a long successful day of hunting and packing out in the dark. Regardless of the situation a reliable headlamp is a must and we have used several different black diamond models and like them all!

Phone skope: Improve your hunting photos or take a video through your binoculars or scope with the use of a phone skope. Attach your phone to your optics using their adapter and then take that perfect picture or video. We love using our phone skope while out scouting so we can show you what we are finding while out in the field.

Yeti Coffee Mug: This is the perfect gift for that one person we all know who just can’t quite get started in the morning without their little caffeine boost and is great for keeping their coffee warm on those chilly morning hunts. Gift it with some of their favorite instant coffee or coffee tea bags.

Camp Chef Pellet Grill: We know Traeger is the popular choice when it comes to smokers, however, we have a camp chef and use it frequently! If budget is important to you and your looking for something with a friendlier price tag, then this might be the perfect option for you. One of our favorite things to cook on ours is fresh Alaskan salmon fillets.

Beer Can Chicken Holder: We all love eating, and if you haven’t had beer can chicken yet then you should! Get this gift for the cook in your family and then beg them to make you some. You won’t regret it! Throw some new spices in as a stocking stuffer.

Havalon Knife: We have more of these knifes floating around than you can count. One of our favorite things about this knife is the replaceable blade. While these blades stay sharp for a long period of time you don’t have to waste time out in the field sharpening a knife when they do get dull. Just quickly switch out blades and keep on working.

Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener: If replaceable blades aren’t your thing and your working with knifes that need sharpened then get a Work Sharp Sharpener. We use this tool to sharpen everything from heavy bladed hunting knifes, pocketknives, axes, chisels, and machetes.

Work Sharp Guided Field Sharpener: A pocket sharpener to keep with you everywhere you go. Perfect to throw in your backpack for any trip in case your blades need a quick touch up out in the field.

The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook: Enjoy the taste of your harvest with amazing recipes from this cookbook. Whether you like cooking or not this cookbook if full of delicious wild game and fish recipes that you’ll definitely want to try.

Lucky Shot Bullet Bottle Opener and Whiskey Glass: Class up your drinking game with an awesome glass that has a bullet implanted in it and a sweet opener to pop off your top. Pair this with a bottle of whiskey or beer and it makes the perfect gift.

Dark Energy Poseidon Pro Charger: Electronics have become an important tool in the hunting field and just about everyone has some type of gadget that might need a quick charge while out in the field or hanging out at camp. For charging phones and GPS devices this can last up to 38 hours. It is durable, waterproof, and lightweight.

Gun Cleaning Kit: No one likes cleaning, but it must be done, even on guns! This is a great gift idea to ensure the hunter on your gift list has a well maintained rifle or pistol.

Tipton Best Gun Vice: Well, it only makes sense to recommend this gift right after we suggested a cleaning kit. A great thing about this is that it’s portable and it securely holds your rifle while cleaning it, mounting a scope, or for any other maintenance it might require. We personally love ours and use it all the time.

Garmin InReach: In our opinion this is a must have. Not having any cell service where we hunt is almost a given and we are often out of civilization for months at a time. This device has allowed us to communicate while out in the field and is also a great device to have in case of an emergency. You can get these with or without the GPS function depending on what your budget allows.

On X Maps Membership: This is a great resource to know where you are while out hunting in the field. These maps were designed by hunters, for hunters and there are maps available for all 50 states. Know where land boundaries are between public and private land and even have access without cell service.

Binocular Harness: Keep your binoculars close and easy to access with a binocular harness. We use the Alaskan Guide Creations binocular pack and it has never failed. With several different size options and camo patterns you can be sure to get a pack that will fit your needs.

The other option we use is the Badlands binocular case which also comes in several sizes and has a magnetic seal to open and close the case for quick and quiet access.

Stone Glacier Backpack: We have tried just about every backpack under the sun and it wasn’t until recently that we tried Stone Glacier, but we can now say it is one of our favorite backpacks. It’s rugged and durable all while being comfortable. Stone Glacier offers packs that are expandable but can also easily be sized down for a simple day pack as well. The many different accessories available can help you customize the backpack to fit your needs and wants.

Garmin Dog Tracking/Training System: If you have a hounds man or bird hunter in your life who is looking to up their A game, then it might be time to invest in the Garmin tracking systems. We suggest going through Double U Hunting Supply for any supplies hound related. They have tracking and training systems, collars, leashes, and just about anything else you might need for your dog.

Clothing: We use a wide array of clothing and it greatly depends on where we are hunting and for what. We have items from Kryptek, Sitka, Nomad, Kings Camo and the list goes on. Socks, gloves, hats, and merino wool are also handy items for any hunter.

Outdoor Research Gaiters: We can’t say enough about these gaiters. We spend months and months in the field and no other gaiter has lasted us as long as these ones. Of course, we have had to replace a couple of pairs after years of use, but we definitely get our money out of them. Also, they have an amazing warranty program.

Kenetrek and Crispi Boots: We like both these boots and wear them year-round. The Kenetrek model we typically wear is the Mountain Extreme either non-insulated or 400 gram for cold weather hunts. As for Crispi boots we usually have either the Hunter GTX or the Nevada GTX. Both these companies have several options and offer men and woman’s boots.

Skull Hooker: Need a way to nicely display your European mount? Well here's a great gift idea that will allow you to easily hang you mount on the wall for all to see and enjoy! Easy to use and adjust, this is one of our favorite ways to showcase European mounts.

Karta Custom Map: We think that everyone needs these maps in

their life. Make your own customizable map with many different layouts and style options such as water resistant maps designed to be crumpled up and thrown in your backpack or a map made into a dry erase or magnet board. Choose for your map to show topography, public land, forest service as well as many other fun options. If you know their favorite, not so secret, hunting spot then this is a great idea that any hunter would be sure to enjoy.

A gift card to their favorite sporting goods store: You can never go wrong with this gift! If you have no idea what the hunter in your life needs or wants and you’re still struggling with an idea allow them to pick out whatever they would like.

As you are thinking about gifts, keep us in mind! Maybe this is the year to surprise your certain someone with a hunt. Call us today to book yours!

***Please note we are not sponsored or endorsed by any of these companies. These are recommendations based off of years of personal experience and testing.

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