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Wyoming Guided Lion Hunt with Hound Dogs
Wyoming Big Game Outfitter. Offering Lion, Elk, Deer and Antelope Hunts


Here's what some of our hunters have said about their experience with O'Brien Creek Outfitters

O'Brien Creek Outfitters Mountain Lion Hunt

O'Brien Creek Outfitters was great to work with right from the planning stages of our Mountain Lion hunt. Any and all questions were answered in a timely fashion and they kept us up to date with anything we needed to know ahead of arriving.
You won't find anyone with more knowledge and that will work as hard for you on the hunt than Tyler and his crew. They know the areas they hunt very well and will do everything they can to try and make sure you are successful on the hunt. The hounds were phenomenal, when it was time to perform they knew what to do and gave us several great chases.

It was a week that will be remembered forever not just for the hunt but for the hard work and camaraderie. I would highly recommend O'Brien Creek Outfitters if you are looking for a mountain lion hunt.


Wyoming Hunting Guide

One amazing week I will never forget!! O’Brien creek outfitters is about as best as they come! The hounds and the houndsmen work extremely hard, there is no quit in them dogs! The hospitality was amazing and so were the views everyday! The guides were amazing and worked extremely hard everyday to cut tracks. Tyler and Sara do an amazing job. Friendly, humble and all around great people! I made some friends and I am for sure going back!!!


Antelope hunting in Wyoming with O'Brien Creek Outfitters

Was a great trip and hunt. We saw lots of game and we had the opportunity to wait for the right antelope, which we did. It was a successful trip. Food and accommodations were first class and Tyler did all he could to ensure our hunt was a total success.

-Jake and Jolayne 

Wyoming licensed outfitter - lion, elk, deer, and antelope hunts

I thoroughly enjoyed my hunt and found Tyler to be very skilled, helpful and entertaining.


Hunting outfitter in Wyoming

Great houndsmen, great hunting, great hospitality.... if you are looking for your hunting trip of a lifetime, O'Brien Creek Outfitters is the best out there!!


Wyoming big game outfitter

We had an amazing experience and a lot of memories that will not be forgotten. Tyler and his guides will do everything they can to get you on game. They are up early and out late dedicated to there job and helping you try and get your game.


Mountain Lion Hunting in Wyoming With O'Brien Creek Outfitters

I recently hunted with O'Brien Creek Outfitters and it was a blast. Tyler's expertise and knowledge was huge in our success. The dogs performed flawlessly, and we had a couple great chases! I was able to harvest a mature tom that was 1/16" off from all time B&C record book! I can't recommend O'Brien Creek enough! You will not be disappointed if you book a hunt with these guys!


O'Brien Creek Outfitters-Lion, Deer, Elk, and Antelope Hunts

Awesome Hunt!! Highly Recommend!! Tyler is a first-class Lion Outfitter with some of the best hounds I have ever seen. Before hunting with Tyler, I had been on 3 separate Lion hunts with other outfitters around CO & WY but was never able to seal the deal. Thanks to Tyler, his crew, and his unbelievable hound dogs I was able to harvest a perfect old trophy Tom!!​


Wyoming Lion Hunt with Hounds

O'Brien Creek Outfitters are great and will go above and beyond to make sure it is a great hunt. Highly recommend!


Moutain lion hunting in Wyoming with O'Brien Creek Outfitters

The hunt was awesome! Tyler and his dog's were top notch!!! Would go again with him again!


Guided elk, deer, antelope, and mountain lion hunts in Wyoming

Tyler is one hell of a guide. He knows the animals, and is willing to push the envelope (and his clients) if that's what you want. He's also sensitive to clients limitations and plans around that. In probably the most difficult hunting circumstances all year, he found an high-elevation step that was a legit climb to get to. As soon as we dropped into it, we were literally standing in a fresh bull bed. We went to the step areas for two days straight and it whipped my butt but was worth every minute. We were minutes behind the bull. No one else on that trip, or the trips before had a guide as savvy and aggressive as Tyler. 

Second, he works hard as hell to ensure you're getting as many chances as you can get/want. He's a non-stop, early rising, decisive guide. If you have input, he'll listen and make it a part of the plan.

Third, he knows these animals. He knows where they are or will be, and if he doesn't have it figured out by the time he gets you in the morning, he'll find sign within the first hour that will put you in the right direction.

Finally, he's a great guy to spend time with. Seems like he was born 150 years too late. A cowboy, horseman, and is just as comfortable telling stories and talking as he is staying quiet for hours if that's what you want to do.


Archery and rifle mountain lion hunts in Wyoming with O'Brien Creek Outfitters

I just returned from a mountain lion hunt with O'Brien Creek Outfitters and had a great hunt. Although we came out without a cat it wasn't due to lack of effort. There were a few snowstorms that missed us, so for the first six days we didn't have fresh snow. The last day we did get a fresh snowfall however, the wind was blowing hard enough to cover up any tracks. On day 6 we put some miles on foot in search of some fresh tracks in a canyon, the dogs did great with a track that was 1+ day old, they caught up to and treed the lion after a few hours. The lion was only 150 yards away, however, we couldn't get to it as we were cliffed out and had to take the long way to the tree. By the time we got to the tree the lion had jumped and ran to the bottom of the canyon into a cave. We could have killed it with a gun, however, I wanted to get one with a bow, so we weren't able to make it happen. We did however get to crawl into the cave and get a great video! It was truly a great experience to cover so much country on foot, snow machine, side-by-side, and truck. Everything in our control was great, the few things out of our control didn't go our way, which is OK as I get to do it again! Thanks Tyler, Sara, all the dogs and "Chief" if that's the name you settle on for the new pup in training!


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