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Mountain Lion Hunts

Although we love hunting all other species, our favorite here at O'Brien Creek Outfitters is definitely lion hunting. O'Brien Creek Outfitters uses well trained hounds that we have spent countless hours raising and training ourselves. Raising our dogs, watching them grow, and experiencing them in their element doing what they love is our passion. We have spent over 15 years hunting and learning the area we now guide in and know it like the back of our hand. We guarantee that our team will work harder than anyone else to make your hunt a success and get you a trophy tom. Wake up early with us in search of a fresh track and then get ready for an adventure as we turn dogs loose in hot pursuit.


We use a combination of vehicles, ATVs, and snowmobiles to locate a track. Once a lion is treed or bayed up you may find yourself hiking through deep snow and steep terrain. It is important to be in good shape as this hunt can be very physically demanding.


We strive to only harvest mature toms to preserve our future resources and to make every hunt a success. With that being said we only take a limited number of clients each year and have a high success rate. All of our lion hunts are fully guided, 7-day hunts. Get a hold of us and let's make this your year to go on the hunt of a lifetime! 

Wyoming mountain lion hunting with hounds
Northern Wyoming Guided Hunts
Wyoming guided cougar hunt with O'Brien Creek Outfitters
  • 7 Days | 1-on-1 

  • Meals and Lodging 

Wyoming mountain lion outfitter with hounds
  • Well trained dogs

  • Experienced guides

  • Access to private, state, BLM, and forest lands

Wyoming guided mountain lion hunt with O'Brien Creek Outfitters
  • November - February

  • Over-the-counter license

  • Rifle and archery 

Wyoming guided mountain lion hunt with O'Brien Creek Outfitters

7 day lion hunt

$8,5000 + tax

Wyoming guided mountain lion hunt with O'Brien Creek Outfitters

7 day lion photography trip

$4,000 + tax

This is an opportunity to photograph mountains lions and to follow along with us as we train dogs. This can be a fun hunt for those of you who would have difficulties importing your taxidermy back to your home state or country or if you would just like the opportunity to join in on the fun of the chase.

Combo Options

Lion/Bobcat Combo

Add $600 trophy fee upon harvest.

Bobcats make a great combo hunt with mountain lions because we hunt them the same way and during the same time frame. A bobcat license has to be applied for through Wyoming Game and Fish and there are some restrictions, so please give us a call and ask us about it if interested. 

Lion/Cow Elk

Add $750 trophy fee upon harvest. 


During Nov-Dec carry a cow elk tag and if the opportunity presents itself take home some of the finest meat there is. (Limitations apply)

Our main focus is and will always be lions on these hunts. Once you harvest a lion we can devote 1 day to cow elk hunting. After that we need to be either helping out with other lion clients in the field or scouting for our next hunts. 

*Some cow elk tags need to be applied for ahead of time. If interested, call for more info or for help with applying.

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